The Benefits of Living Close to Nature In Foressa Mountain Town

Living close to an environmental sanctuary can help your mental and physical health. Here’s how Foressa Mountain Town helps in you stay fit and healthy.

The Benefits of Living Close to Nature In Foressa Mountain Town

The metro is what it is: a huge bustling ecosystem that thrives on opportunities, high stakes and almost limitless energy. This is why it attracts the young, the strong of will and the opportunity seekers. The city holds a certain appeal for those who have something to prove or just like to compete in a professional and personal standpoint.

Alas, when you’ve reached a certain point of maturity however, you might prefer to live in less demanding environments. Ideally, a place that provides a safe haven that allows you to rest and reap the rewards of a career well-lived, or in some cases, a job well done. It could be a seafront property with a wonderful view of the ocean, or it could be a forest wonderland full of lush greens and the fresh mountain air.

Regardless of your preference, nature grants boons for those who make their homes close to her. Enter Foressa Mountain Town, AboitizLand’s mountainside sanctuary that can facilitate granting nature’s blessing to you and your family. Here are a couple of benefits you can get from living near the mountains and in Foressa Mountain Town.

It’s Therapeutically Good For You

If you’ve watched enough television shows and movies, or you’ve read a ton of fictional (and sometimes non-fictional) books, you’ll notice that wise old men live in the mountains or any other natural environment. Why is this the case? It’s mostly because of the properties of the place they reside in.

Living close to nature, to mountains in particular, grants you a myriad of health benefits that the metro doesn’t intrinsically have. For instance, just breathing in the fresh air from an elevated area helps strengthen your lungs. With backyard access to bike and hike trails that feature over 800 species of flora and fauna, 600,000 square meters of protected riverside areas, Foressa Mountain Town offers the perfect setting for you to relax, recharge and reconnect with nature.

Statistically speaking too, people who have gone on expeditions have lost weight and have improved their cardiovascular performance. It might seem like a chore, but living in a place that requires you to exert more than a little bit of effort to get from point A to point B helps you become stronger and healthier in the long run. This kind of environment doesn’t only make you healthier, it inspires you to live a more active lifestyle. In turn, moving around more often whether in the comfort of your own home or the paths in the forest lessens the risk of getting a heart disease.

It’s not just the beach that gives you a healthy amount of sun, the mountains do the same as well. Where there’s sun, there’s vitamin D that improves your body’s absorption of much needed vitamins and minerals from the food you eat. That said, it helps you develop stronger bones and can help lower your blood pressure.

At the end of the day, living close to nature makes you a stronger and healthier individual.

It Helps Alleviate Your Mood

There’s a reason why nature is more colloquially known as “mother nature”. Her nurturing effect doesn’t only extend in the physical, it also heals from the inside. Living close to mountain forests tremendously helps improve your mental health.

If you’re feeling like you’re in a slump or experiencing some form of mental block, taking a brief nature walk can actually help you out. According to studies, taking a short walk in the forest or any other natural environment helps enhance your mood and think straight. With Foressa Mountain Town’s bike and hike trails, you can also ride and make the most out of the natural scenery.

The mountain forest doesn’t only help your physiological health, it improves your mental health as well. Studies have shown that properties in forest environments help in the management of negative emotions like anger or sadness. The greenery of nature also actually helps lessen mental fatigue, according to several studies.

As mentioned earlier, you get a lot of vitamin D from the sun. However, being exposed to sunlight also gives you another benefit: the release of serotonin. This hormone helps boost your mood, calms you down and helps you stay focused. Also, according to a study conducted by scientists from the Brigham Young University, just the amount of time seeing or being in the sun can help determine the amount of mental distress a person can experience.

Last but certainly not least, you tend to sleep better when in the forest or in the mountains. Other than the sound of natural silence, the wind that brushes against the trees leaves, or the occasional dog barks and cat meows, nature offers a lullaby that helps you sleep longer and better. Given enough sleep, you don’t only get in a better mood, you also help yourself become physically healthier.

It’s Comfortable

There’s this commonly held belief that if you live in the mountains or in forest areas, you’re roughing it out. You’re either sleeping on the rocks or some make-shift tent alongside the moist ground. This isn’t always necessarily the case as some developers have managed to meld nature and urbanization while steadily maintaining the balance between both.

Enter Foressa Mountain Town, a green sanctuary that sits along the mountains of Cansomoroy, Balamban, roughly 60 minutes along Transcentral Highway from Cebu City. Since it is set within more than 250 hectares of natural terrain, there are mountains, sloping hills, and rivers to explore and experience.

In spite of being located near a mountainside, Foressa Mountain Town manages to bring you the convenience of the metro. For instance, the Foressa Town Center will house commercial establishments that will serve both Foressa’s future community as well as the public.

Boasting roughly 600,000 square meters of protected riverside areas that shelters 800 species of trees and plants, Foressa Mountain Town’s amenity is having a mountainside as your backyard. Take hiking trips with friends after a long week of work in the metro, or just breathe the fresh air in and relax.

With scenic views and nature’s visage by your side, Foressa Mountain town offers a mountain residential lot that has an area that’s around 312-773 square meters that’s catered to give you more room to build your dream house, more privacy and more room to grow. If you’re interested in living close to nature, visit this web page for more information: Also, feel free to send us an email through this email address: aboitizland[at]aboitiz[dot]com.