Top 5 To Do In Foressa Mountain Town During The Weekends

In these times, true luxury living means breathing in healthy air and having plenty of room to roam amid nature.

By AboitizLand

Adventure Living and Nature Stewardship at the Heart of Foressa Mountain Town

Foressa Mountain Town offers such a landscape in the picturesque highland town of Cansomoroy, Balamban, Cebu, just an hour from the city along the Transcentral Highway.

Adventure Living and Nature Stewardship at the Heart of Foressa Mountain Town

A primary feature of AboitizLand developments is maintaining the balance between people and nature. According to Farrah Mayol, Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Branding, almost half of the 257 hectares of Foressa Mountain Town will remain untouched by site development. “As a developer with projects across the country, bringing a better quality of life is important to us. AboitizLand not only develops land for profit but to also preserve biodiversity in our areas.”

In developing the property, the mountain town was scanned for the flora and fauna biodiversity with help from experts from the University of San Carlos and local residents to evaluate which ones are endemic, edible, and medicinal. Over 800 species of flora and fauna were identified, and around 600,000 square meters in Foressa have been designated as protected riverside areas.

Preserving the forest means that residents in the mountain paradise and those living in nearby areas can enjoy cleaner air for many years to come. Since trees also shelter forest life from the winds and improve soil health, endemic flora and fauna are allowed to flourish while endangered species are protected as well. Another primary benefit of AboitizLand’s forest conservation in Balamban is that it prevents soil erosion, not just to support the foundations of homes in the mountain community, but also for the locals’ long-term benefit.

Adventure Living and Nature Stewardship at the Heart of Foressa Mountain Town

Sustainable Planning

AboitizLand’s Foressa Mountain Town is envisioned, planned, and crafted by US-based DPZ CoDesign. The Philippine consultants include local master planner SC&A Architects and Planners, and landscape and trails partner Greenstrat, Inc.

In a webcast discussing resilient communities, Senen Antonio of DPZ CoDesign noted the importance of a sustainable masterplan. Lessons like respecting forest boundaries and celebrating existing landforms such as river paths, creek ways, and topography have been carefully applied in the masterplan for Foressa.

In addition, thousands of trees will be planted in the open spaces and along the streetscape to shade the streets, allowing residents and their guests to interact with nature on a regular basis to help boost their wellbeing. Tree-planting has already begun in the Light phase (Phase 1A).

Vecinos or residents will experience true adventure living without even having to leave the development. AboitizLand and its planning partners ensured backyard access to fun as well as challenging hike and bike trails that interweave throughout Foressa’s terrains, creeks, and caves. Apart from the active recreational attractions, there are also features like the beautiful butterfly trail that is home to hundreds of species of butterflies, and amenities like the clubhouse/pool area atop a promontory that looks out across the mountain.

“It’s about igniting the residents’ sense of wonder and spirit of adventure, whatever age they are. We invite them to lose their boredom to the trails and the streams,” says Mayol. Those who would like to know more about forest conservation efforts and available lots-only inventory and amenities in Foressa Mountain Town may visit for a virtual tour or send a message through the Facebook page

Other eco-responsibility efforts of the real estate developer include Aboitiz group’s A-Park program to plant 9.4 million trees between 2013 and 2020 across all Aboitiz sites, including its power plants and residential developments, as a way to reduce the impact of carbon emissions. All these nationwide greening efforts, along with the pawikan conservation program at Seafront Residences in Batangas, are part of the company’s multi-stakeholder collaboration toward a more livable and sustainable future.

The prescription for today’s situation is clear: prioritize our wellbeing and that of our ecosystem. Through residential solutions that advocate families’ wellbeing while minimizing ecological impact, AboitizLand is determined to do what it takes for families and nature to thrive together for generations to come.

For over 25 years, AboitizLand has stayed true to its promise of creating better ways to live through its thriving master-planned communities. It now looks to further expand its reach by continuing to develop innovative and fully integrated communities in more locations across the Philippines. A subsidiary of the Aboitiz Group, it is built on a firm foundation with a hundred-year heritage of advancing business and communities. For more information about AboitizLand, visit