Foressa Mountain Town: Mountain Town Living With Modern Conveniences

Foressa Mountain Town strikes the perfect balance between bringing you the wonders of nature and the modern conveniences of the city. Learn more here.

By AboitizLand, Inc.

Foressa Mountain Town Mountain Town Living With Modern Conveniences

Often a rural development is considered to be rustic, out of date and over all a little inconvenient. But given that it’s where people go to for a vacation and respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday urban life, it holds value especially in this post-pandemic times. Apart from the peacefulness that’s rarely experienced near the borders of the urban jungles, there’s also cleaner air, lesser traffic congestion and the subtle reminder that life can be simpler. These factors are what make the rural areas a wonderful place to be in, but only temporarily as if it’s not something you can have at the expense of the convenience of an urban setting.

However, this doesn’t always mean that it’s impossible to experience relative tranquility and peace while still having access to modern-day conveniences. There are many developers who have created residential properties that strike a balance between modernity and rural peace. Of course, it’s not always a perfect mix and sometimes these two supposedly conflicting ideologies of rural peace and urban convenience don’t always deliver as expected.

AboitizLand’s Foressa Mountain Town is a perfect example of this harmonious relationship. Located in the mountainous region of Cansomoroy, Balamban in Cebu, it stands as a proud amalgamation of mountain and forest setting and modern-day living. Here are a few reasons why Foressa Mountain Town manages to effectively deliver on that promise of peace and convenience.

Natural Healing By Your Doorstep

If you’re looking for a place to retire or just one that gives you easy access to an active lifestyle and a healthier environment, Foressa Mountain Town is for you. With over 250 hectares of natural terrain, mountains, sloping hills, and rivers to explore and experience, every single day is an opportunity for adventure.

Of course, having nature right outside your home provides more than an idyllic quiet you can rarely ever find in a city. Scientifically speaking, mountains, beaches and other natural settings have been proven to have therapeutic benefits to those who live in them. As an example, breathing air from an elevated area like a mountain helps in strengthening your lungs. There’s also the fact that you’re breathing relatively cleaner air which aids in preventing you from getting any lung diseases associated with pollution.

Living in an area that requires you to exert a little more effort when moving around also helps you improve your cardiovascular and muscular strength while at the same time improving your overall body weight. According to the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, living in higher areas like mountain regions has a protective effect against heart disease.

Lastly, you get a healthy amount of sun from the mountains like that from beaches. The sun, of course, being an important proponent of vitamin D, helps your body absorb vitamins and nutrients more efficiently. It’s also associated with developing stronger bones, lowering your blood pressure and improving mental health.

Spacious And Scenic Forest Lots

When it comes to providing master-planned houses and lots, none match AboitizLand’s professionalism and proficiency. Foressa Mountain Town has a set of 4 3 lot offerings that you can choose from, all of which are a testament to the developer’s commitment to making sustainable homes and helping make life better.

The Avenue Lots are a combination of uphill and downhill lots that are over 540 square meters in terms of size. Your home is bounded by tree-lined rods from the front and rear, making it a perfect spot for runners or those who enjoy long walks along trees and streets.

The Hillside Lots is are located in the Northern side of the property and its downhill component has an average lot size of around 770 square meters. They also have direct access to the tree-line domain spine road. The uphill and downhill lots have an average lot cut of around 477 square meters and have a vantage view of the West Cebu Estate and the Tanon Strait in certain areas near the eastern section.

The Parkside Premium Lots have an average lot cut of around 800 square meters plus around 200 square meters for your garden extension. Having direct access to the 1-hectare pedestrian friendly linear park, you can do a myriad of things including walking your dogs, doing your routine runs and workouts and/ or just reading a good book and experiencing yourself through nature.

At an average of 1,499 square meters per lot, The Riverside Ridge Lots are the most expensive lots in the development. Because of the downhill feature, you can enjoy the view of mountains and is in close proximity to the river below.

Amenities That Provide Adventure

When it comes to delivering the convenience of the Metro, nothing compares to Foressa Mountain Town’s amenities. One of the more prominent examples is the Foressa Town Center which will eventually house commercial establishments that will serve both Foressa’s future community as well as the public.

If you’re into roughing it out on wheels, Foressa Mountain Town has a mountain bike trail that you and your friends can take advantage of. In it, you not only immerse yourself in the forest’s environment, you also get to challenge yourself with the rough and rugged terrain. If intense trail running is more your thing, there’s over 250 hectares of runnable forestland you can experience – complete with the sounds you might expect from a forest.

Alternatively, if you prefer a quiet and contemplative hike, Foressa’s Hike Trails are excellent places to get in touch with nature and yourself. If you want to experience a picnic with your family or friends by a mountainside, there lies Foressa’s vast outdoors waiting for you. Be it with your loved ones or by yourself. This unparalleled development, Foressa Mountain Town gives you the opportunity to experience adventures that will teach you a thing or two about yourself and mother nature herself.

The Foressa Lodge, the property’s main pavilion, gives you and your loved ones the perfect place to make a celebration out of the things you are thankful for. There you can cool down in the infinity pool amidst the backdrop of Cansomoroy’s beautiful mountain range.

Living Closely to Modern Comforts

While being an ideal mountain community on its own, Foressa Mountain Town is also part of the booming 540-hectare West Cebu Estate (WCE), an Aboitiz-owned integrated economic center that hosts 11 locators, from medium to heavy industries, including some of the largest shipbuilding firms in the world. With WCE’s growing number of commercial components, vecinos can expect more establishments to support their everyday needs and see their property’s value grow year after year, posing great investment opportunities.

At the end of the day, Foressa Mountain Town delivers the embodiment of people’s desires when it comes to finding a home: peace and convenience without strings attached. Through careful master-planning, AboitizLand manages to strike this balance without having to compromise the other.

Currently, Foressa Mountain Town has launched a new series of lot cuts that givegift you with ravishing views of the West Cebu Estate and Tañon Strait. These living spaces include large open areas where vecinos can easily pursue outdoor hobbies and activities.

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